Theories on why women are not suited for hooking up

  • evolutionary theories (Buss; desire, parental investment)
  • different chemical makeup (as in Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love by Pease & Pease)
  • Gender differences in Attachment Style
  • Power imbalance- women had it during “courting” now men apparently have it in hookup culture. There are also apparently proportionally more available men (economic; Bogle, Birger)
  • Sex as an economic exchange – men “no longer have to work for “getting it”
  • Feminism/sexual revolution leads to the push for women to “act like men” and that includes in sex (Unhooked by Laura S.S.)
  • In order to accomplish those new goals (opportunities from feminism/sex revolution), they need to prolong the goal of finding a marriage partner, so hooking up serves as the place holder but Laura S.S. and others seem to feel that women are not suited for this approach (vaguely referencing neuroscience)

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