Biological Clock?

Is the fact that women need to have kids by like, 40 a major thing? Is that why women want to find relationships earlier than men, so they can have a few years together before starting their families? Is this real, even today with adoption, later birth abilities, freezing eggs, etc?  What will it take for women and men to have true freedom of opportunity?

What does it mean that our society, the public sphere (workplace, public institutions) is built around men’s anatomical abilities? I feel like men would say it’s cause they’re the ones that built it. Did they build it only because they were the only ones capable? Or because they controlled the means of production… why HAVEN’T women “taken control”? Different values, not being selfish, being more about the greater good/good for all rather than self-serving? Physical capabilities and differences are not the end all-be all… And the conquest mentality also means that you’re starting from the assumption that domination and control are inherently good. They might be, currently in this society, and throughout patriarchal history, valuable but that’s not a universal.

I was also thinking about abortion after the Nib comic about the woman who had 2 abortions, the 1st because she was unfit the 2nd because she doesn’t want to be a mother. I am ALL FOR women being able to abort because they don’t want to be a mother, or they don’t want to be pregnant. What about men… should they be able to opt out of being a father? I used to think it’s all about the anatomical differences- women gestate, men do not. That abortion is about not wanting to be PREGNANT. But what if you want to not be a parent? Idk, there’s something here to think about…


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