Testosterone Narrative

On a post in the psych methods fb group about a critique of Amy Cuddy’s power pose:

There have been other published critiques along similar lines, for example: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2016/11/power_posing_s_real_problem_is_with_hormones_not_data.html. And there was also a critique published early on in an endocrinology journal.

The slate article tagline is that the issue is thinking testosterone is the way to power.

Do we know for sure what testosterone is linked to? Is the only definite thing sex drive? If so, that seems like an important part of the sex as conquest narrative… something about the most base-line thing a man conquers is a woman in sex, somehow that is the seed that spurs all the societal level conquering/dominating/colonizing? Idk… Testosterone Rex will be so helpful for this part though


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