men at risk of accusations of sexual assault or harassment

“I read the whole “overdramatic illness” thing is actually an evolutionary trait from way back when. If the (cave)men were expected to hunt animals and they got sick they could A) Tough it out and possibly get killed by these animals (boars, mammoths, deer, etc.) or B) Rest and recover so as not to get killed by these animals. The genetic trait for resting and recovering was passed on because those guys survived.

Women, on the other hand, never had the need to rest and recover because the risks were lower in the cave, so the ones who powered through were able to raise better-suited offspring than the ones that would succumb to the illnesses. Those better-suited offspring inherited and passed on the “females-tough-it-out” gene because they could acquire more mates than those whose mothers weren’t toughing it out.

But who knows?”


  • But they can’t help it! Don’t you know that women’s boobs and butts have magnets that draw men to them? You can’t fight nature!

  • Starred for use of a common argument.


    Yes. There are large cultures—both in the US and outside—that teach boys to avoid girls and girls that they are responsible for hiding their bodies rather than teach boys to take responsibility for their actions (they do teach girls that they are responsible for that and for the boys as well). These people grow up. They get jobs. They work. Some of them get promoted into managerial positions. They may soften and walk back what they were taught. They may not. But that implicit bias still remains.

    I’d wager a good amount of these men don’t trust themselves either. They may think a lot of women are conniving and trying to get a pay out, but I’d bet a good amount of men with these policies are really thinking that they’ll be unable to control themselves around a female subordinate or co-worker that they find attractive. They think that’s just the way men are.

    OKay now from

    “Harvey Weinstein didn’t have to meet with anyone, man or woman, one-on-one to so his job. Not a single person.” <– Someone’s tweet in response to people saying “rather than mike pence’s rule about not being alone with women, men could just not sexually harass or assault women” and so not everyone relies on the argument that men just can control themselves, there is also the fear that women are liars, that when there is never official evidence besides he said she said, there is always the possibility of false conviction or condemnation. so the only way to be 100% safe from being accused is to always have a witness…

    People keep saying he could just NOT come on to colleagues but if it was me, that wouldn’t assuage my fear that I could be accused of it regardless…

    But this reminds me of the trans bathroom thing. It’s the fear that someone could say they’re trans as an excuse to be in the bathroom of whomever they are trying to perv on, and be entirely within their rights. Okay but they will likely be acting suspiciously or giving off creepy vibes, it’s obvious who just wants to use the toilet and mind their own business. And if you can’t tell, that’s a YOU problem. Nothing would change. The only thing that changes is you can’t be immediately pissed at people in the bathroom who don’t look like you expect them to.

Safety shouldn’t be earned, safety is ubiquitously deserved. But primarily advocating for and focusing on self-protective measures is really saying “make sure he rapes teh other girl” (from shondaland article)




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