system justification; just world hypothesis; enacting angry white men

just world hypothesis seems to be from criminology. what is it’s social psychological version? system justification?

maybe some study about bannon’s Killing Machine (

So how does the language used- the propaganda- persuade people? It’s acting upon grievances. THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT GRIEVANCES AND ENTITLEMENT AND DESERVINGNESS AND EXPECTATION. There is something about anxiety and vulnerability and the inequality between the sexed bodies that men have taken up and use to subjugate women and control their bodies, control the human race. That’s why angry white men flock to different masculinity something sites- gun shows and colonialism and conquering and harassment…

Okay the other thing is the essentializing, the inevitability, the “natural,” the “there will always be murderers and rapists.” The just world hypothesis. The maintenance of the status quo.


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