Toxic Masculinity

Wah wah what about toxic femininity?

Okay but seriously. The first violent act society asks men to do is to severe themselves from their emotions and vulnerability, that’s toxic masculinity. What would toxic femininity look like? Participating in one’s own dehumanization based on gender. The forced performance of femininity? But I definitely think participating in one’s own dehumanization, including self martyrdom for maleness, valuing yourself only for your sex appeal- excesses of “female ego” as described by RB in “competing for love” paper. I agree that the eating disorders women suffer are a result of their competition. But not evolutionary competition, societal competition. Patriarchy tells women their primary value is sex appeal, their use for men. Women operate within that ideology, and yes, compete using cultural shit like makeup and fashion to decorate themselves and diet extremely to meet “perfection” which is waht we demand from women in our societies.



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