Pehrson, Carvacho, & Sibley 2017: Group differences in the legitimization of inequality: role of SDO

According to SDT, SDO drives both individuals’ pro-hierarchy attitudes. So to the extent that men are high SDO, they’re strongly support the sexist legitimizing myths.

the factors that make some men more sexist than other men, for example,
are not necessarily the same factors that make men more sexist than women. To date,
longitudinal studies on the causal status of SDO have examined only within-group
variance, such as variance in men’s levels of sexism(Sibley, Wilson, et al., 2007)

Ideological underpinnings of the gender hierarchy include hostile and benevolent sexism. Hostile sexism entails enmity primarily towards women who resist or fail to conform to the roles defined for them by traditional patriarchal relations, depicting them as illegitimately trying to control men and extract power from them. (Glick & Fiske 1996).

Benevolent and hostile sexism are LMs. So is “sexual” sexism.”

Results:  Effects of gender and race on hostile sexism are mediated by SDO.

So is sexual sexism related to SDO? Is it part of an ideological system that supports gender inequality/male dominance?

Hostile sexism and SDO:   r=.6


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